The Harlequin Opal : A Romance Vol. 1 (of 3)

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She lost her home, then the Thorn family bought the store where she worked. If you love passionate stories about sensual multicultural heroes, try Harlequin Kimani Romance. Start fresh, navigate life's twists and turns, and fall head over heels. Widowed Trent Knight never expected Carmen Shields, the woman he blames for his wife's death, to be the one to make him love again. Is it a betrayal of his late wife's memory or his second chance at life?

If you love stories about life, love and family with a happily-ever-after, try Harlequin Special Edition.

The Harlequin Opal, Vol. 1 : A Romance (Classic Reprint)

If you love emotional books about clean romance no sex or cursing! When Queen Leyna of Aidara took the throne, she walked away from her first love, King Xavier of Mattan, putting duty first. Now their kingdoms are under threat, and the only way to bring stability is with a royal union!

If you love being swept away to glamorous destinations and feeling the rush of falling in love, try Harlequin Romance. Nurse Ellie Thomas was meant to be a surrogate until her best friend abandons her, and changes Ellie's life forever! But to keep her baby safe she needs the help of gorgeous locum Luke Gilmore.

Back in town to fix her family ranch, Lucy Palermo crosses paths with rancher Dane Scott. If you love books where faith, forgiveness and hope can heal hearts and lift spirits, try Love Inspired. Tired of being her stepmother's doormat, Evie Bradshaw pays a rake to pose as her betrothed. You don't know anything about it as yet; but that is a mere detail. By this time, owing to their rapid walking, they had left Yarmouth far behind, and having turned off the high-road, were now strolling across a field yellow with gorse.

In a few minutes they arrived at a land-slip where the earth fell suddenly down to the beach. The brow of this was covered with soft grass, starred with primroses, and Philip threw himself down thereon with a sigh of content.

Jack more soberly seated himself by the side of his friend, and for a few moments they remained silent, gazing at the scene. Below was the rent and torn earth, on either side a scanty fringe of trees, and in front the blue sea stretching far away towards the dim line of the Hampshire coast. A gentle wind was blowing, the perfume of the wild flowers came delicately on its wings, and they could hear the waves lapping on the beach below, while occasionally a bird piped in the near boughs. It was very cool, pastoral and pleasant, grateful enough to Jack's eyes, weary of the burning skies, and the gorgeous efflorescence of the tropics.

Ah me! I have been all over the planet, so I ought to know. Everyone isn't born like you, with a silver spoon in his mouth. If I can't find employment in England, I must go abroad. Besides, there is always Dolores. But I do not wish to bore you with my love affairs. Jack smiled thankfully. He was eager to talk of Dolores to Philip; but being somewhat sensitive to ridicule, hesitated as to whether he should do so. As a rule, a man's friends do not care about listening to a lover's ravings.

Women are the most sympathetic in such a case; but as Jack had no female friend in whom to confide, he had either to hold his tongue or tell Philip. Philip, he thought, would not care for descriptions of the beloved one, so he kept silent; but now that he had been warmly requested to be as explicit as he pleased, he eagerly hastened to unbosom himself. At that moment, Jack thought Philip an angel of sympathy.

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Her hair is purple black, her face oval, and her complexion inclined to be darkish. She has teeth like pearls, and a mouth like Cupid's bow. Her eyes—well, her eyes," said Jack, enthusiastically, "are like those velvety dark pansies when the dew lies on them. Teeth of pearl, and Cupid's bow for a mouth are old similes. Dew on pansies is distinctly good. I am only complimenting you on your ingenuity. I know exactly what kind of a woman Dolores is. She is like De Musset's Marquise—half fiend, half angel. It was done for me by a Spanish fellow at Tlatonac.

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I don't wonder you are in love with her, Jack. I hope she'll make you a good wife. It may be all very well for the offspring, who, as a rule, are clever; but the husband and wife, having different trainings, do not as a rule hit it off. Race-nature again, my friend. Besides, when we are married, we will stay in Spanish America; it will be more advisable than coming to England. I also must find an Indian-Spanish spouse. And that reminds me, Jack, that we sat down to discuss my marriage prospects, whereas we've done nothing but talk about yours.

But there, I needn't ask that.

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Of course, in your eyes, no one is so perfect as Dolores. Well, I will consider the matter when I see Eulalia. It is too important a step to take without due consideration. Between you and me, Jack, I grow weary at times of very sensible people. We won't discuss how that remark applies to you. Tell me how many more members there are of the Maraquando family.

The Harlequin Opal: A Romance. Vol. 1 (of 3) by Fergus Hume - Free Ebook

A very jolly young fellow of twenty-five. We are great friends. We will marry her to Peter, and they can collect butterflies together. Peter looks as if he needed a wife; so, as he won't choose one for himself, I must do so for him. Oh," yawned Philip, rising reluctantly to his feet, "what a pleasant talk we have had. I suppose it's time we returned to the boat? Come, John, I'll race you to the road. Nothing loth, Jack accepted the challenge at once, and, though Philip ran like a deer, succeeded in beating him easily. I thought I was a good runner, but you can beat me.

Constant life on a yacht isn't a good thing to develop a fellow's running powers. They jumped lightly over the fence, and walked soberly towards Yarmouth in the gathering dusk. The sun was setting, and there was a glory over sea and land somewhat tempered by the twilight. The friends strolled comfortably along, still talking. Indeed, since their meeting they had done little else but talk, more especially Philip, who was not like the same man. His reserve seemed to have melted away like dew before the sun of Duval's geniality, and he was more like the merry boy of old than the haughty, distrustful man of the present.


The reason of this lay in the fact that he felt he could thoroughly trust Jack, and it was a great comfort to him that there was at least one man in the world to whom he could open his heart unreservedly. Secretly, he was much astonished at the pleasure he found in this friendship, and by no means displeased, for while in Jack's company the world seemed a goodly place in which to dwell.

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Yet Duval was decidedly a commonplace young man, smart enough at his business, yet by no means distinguished for intellectuality; withal, so warm-hearted and simple-natured, that Philip surrendered himself entirely to the influence of this pleasant friendship. It's the sunshine of your happy geniality, Jack. I will stay with you until the cure is complete. Then I will see you safely married to Dolores; present you with the opal stone, as a dowry, and then——". I will cure you, as you say, and then you will marry Eulalia. Meanwhile, I'm hungry, so let us go on board and have dinner.