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The basic idea behind treasure hunting is to use a metal detector to find things hidden in the ground. Now that is a really simplified version of what treasure hunting is all about, as there are just so many things you can go hunting for, and there are so many different metal detectors on the market that are purpose built for particular types of treasure. I liken it a lot to fishing — some days you will spend all day out in the sun and get nothing, other days you will catch heaps of stuff. No matter what you get though, you will always come home smelling badly.

Metal detecting is the same — some days you will find nothing, other days you will find something every few steps. No matter what type of day you have, you will end up dirty and in need of a warm shower or bath at the end of the day. Getting started with metal detecting is actually really simple. There are heaps of really cheap metal detectors that are perfect for someone just starting out, although if you enjoy yourself and want to get into metal detecting more seriously, you will find the cheaper detectors have many limitations and you will likely be upgrading before too long.

There are just so many different use cases for metal detectors that it is impossible to say that just one is the best metal detector.

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Instead you will find that there are plenty of different options to choose from, and depending on what you are hunting for, will depend on the best type of metal detector for you to use. So lets get into the main types of treasure hunting activities and the metal detectors that I personally use and recommend to others. I personally enjoy hunting for gold more than anything else.

I guess it is the allure of finding that one big nugget that will change my life for the better. You can increase the odds though by purchasing a metal detector that is specifically tuned for gold or has good gold hunting capabilities. I really like each of these metal detectors when it comes to nugget hunting.

You might have noticed that they are all Garrett metal detectors. The reason for that is that I prefer Garrett detectors over most of the other brands. The main reason is because Garrett machines are the ones I was brought up using. I am comfortable with the simple display and the easy navigation and settings. When I first started metal detecting I did so by hunting coins, and most of my treasure hunting friends still primarily go after coins.

This can be very addictive, particularly if you find a good spot that yields quite a few rare or interesting coins. Because coin shooting is so popular among treasure hunters there are lots of purpose built metal detectors that have great coin shooting features. For whatever reason, there seems to be quite a lot of jewelry that people simply lose or leave behind.

About Treasure Hunting

One of the best places to find jewelry is under the sand at the beach or just into the water. I suspect that people take their jewelry off before going for a swim and then just knock it off their towel or have it slip off their hands in the surf. Regardless of the reason, there is plenty of lost jewelry just waiting to be found. When it comes to the best metal detectors for finding jewelry then things get a little tricky. Something that you will want to be aware of if you do decide to go treasure hunting at the beach is that not all metal detectors are water proof, and of those that are, not all are able to be used in salt water.

So be careful if you decide to do some underwater metal detecting. The only other metal detector that I have experience with at the beach is the Garrett ACE and it performed really well, and at half the price of the AT Pro, it might be just what you are after. There is nothing quite like finding a piece of history that has been buried for decades or longer.

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Please do remember though that relics are important artifacts and they should be treated with the utmost care and attention. Destroying a piece of history is not what relic hunting is about, nor is profiting from it. Relic hunting is about learning the history of an item and bringing it to light for everyone to enjoy. When hunting for relics you will really need to know what you are looking for to know what detector is the best one for the job.

Think about the type of soil you will be hunting in and what your target metal is likely to be.

For these reason I cannot really give you a specific detector to use, but I do know that all the top level detectors will not fail you. In the Garrett Ace Review we reveal a couple of exciting new features compared to the Garrett Ace Metal Detector we reviewed below.

The most obvious is the inch DD Pro-formance coil that comes standard with this new detector as it was quite popular in the Ace The larger coil increases depth detection and the DD configuration increases lateral detection meaning the coil sweeps a larger area with each pass.

See a Problem?

Both the Ace and utilize 12 target identification segments, the Garrett Ace incorporates 5 iron discrimination segments instead of the two found on the The new Garrett Ace also has exceptional iron discrimination, new salt water capabilities and the deepest searching coil ever but still retains the same strong and lightweight design that has made them so popular.

The most prominent feature of the Garrett Ace is obviously the Double-D search coil which gives you better handling of soil mineralization and also better target separation. In addition it also expands not only the depth but also the coverage of your scanning. The higher frequency of 8.


You have preselected modes you can use to target only what you are looking for. I highly recommend you go through the manual and videos before you start so you know what to do and how to do it. It will take a while to get used to the different tones and the best way to do this is to bench test the detector with a range of different metals. Further down is a video showing you the process. Below is a pic of the Ace display showing all the different controls.

In a word, Yes. It is well thought out and very well constructed — also its made in the USA by the Garrett company who have been in business since Many of the features of the GTI and GTAx models have been successfully carried over to the Garrett Ace to produce a rugged and easy-to-use detector for the outdoors.

The Garrett Ace offers great performance without complex adjustments and settings.

The Garret and the Garden; Or, Low Life High Up

The outstanding technology built into this latest offering includes custom notch discrimination, adjustable sensitivity, pinpointing and depth settings. It also features excellent detection depth, accurate target ID and discrimination. The Garrett ACE Metal Detector is easy to assemble, has an easy to read display, great features, is lightweight and sensitive.

The digital instrumentation provides accurate information and the depth perception is spot on. Battery life is estimated at between 20 to 40 hours from the four AA batteries depending on usage. The Garrett Ace is great as it allows you to specify what type of objects you would like to find. Once you get a tone that the detector has found something metal you just press the pinpoint button for a continuous tone which then increases in volume as you get closer. This detector comes with a padded hand grip and adjustable arm cuff, easy push button stem adjustment and an instructional DVD.

Do yourself a favor, read the instruction booklet and watch the DVD to familiarize yourself with the device and to ensure correct usage of the many features. There were two issues that some users raised and they are the lack of a volume control as the volume is quite loud and that the shaft was a bit wobbly. It is a detector you should master in no time if you follow the instructions in the manual and video. The Control Housing is waterproof allowing this detector to be submerged up to a depth of 10 feet or 3 meters.

The advanced features of the Garrett AT Pro are designed for the more advanced treasure hunters but the beginner will be able to learn by just using the standard modes. The detector operates at 15 kHz making it the ideal detector to use for finding coins, relics, coin caches, jewelry and gold objects. Most cheaper detectors cannot differentiate between composite metals but the AT Pro can fine tune to a degree where you almost know what you have discovered.

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The 8. The iron discrimination has settings from 0 to 40 which will allow you to separate the valuable targets from the trash targets. The iron audio feature allows you to hear the discriminated iron targets tones giving you even more ability to avoid the rubbish. With the Proportional Audio and Tone Roll Audio you also get distinct audio tones to help you pinpoint a variety of different metals.

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The AT Pro has automatic and manual adjustable ground balancing features. Anna lives in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Paul B.

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  • Redman is an award-winning leader of public gardens, known for his dedication to the beauty and sustainability of gardens, and to the training of future generations of horticulture professionals. Over the last 12 years, Paul has implemented institutional and strategic reforms that have positioned the Gardens as a premier horticultural, cultural, and educational institution of the 21st Century, while respecting the values of its founder, Pierre S. The result has been nothing short of astounding with overall attendance doubling to almost 1.

    A consummate professional, Paul freely shares his time and expertise, serving as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Garden Conservancy; Leadership Cabinet Co-Chair for Seed Your Future, a national initiative to promote awareness and careers in horticulture; and previously serving as Board President and Treasurer of the American Public Gardens Association.

    William A. Paul has been working and studying in the field of public horticulture for more than 25 years. He became interested in lawn and garden care while in high school, working part-time at the local independent garden center. Brian has served many roles during his year career at Scotts Miracle-Gro, and has been involved in countless new product launches.