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I was growing sharp bone spurs from all of the fusion joints and everywhere the bone had been scarred during the surgery.

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Eventually I had a small forest of sharp, rough bone inside and around my spine. I found that I would be rendered utterly unable to plan a day ahead of time, as debilitating pain might come out of nowhere to leave me flat on my back, twitching and wishing it would just STOP. This led to my being put on permanent disability, as I could not promise to an employer that I would be able to fulfill my duties at any given moment.

I did try to keep running my Pink Pistols chapter, but a couple of years later, I had to set it all down in hands I felt would maintain things properly, and retired to deal with my injuries and their consequences. This condition pertained until early in , when the Sandy Hook shooting occurred. His entreaty to Do Something resulted in my investigation, to find the website mostly dead, more than half its links dead, nobody doing anything I could find, and more than a little validation of the rumor that the group was also dead. I called Krikket and offered to pull its mivonks out of the grinder.

I just had one request. I wanted the keys and the pinks.

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He agreed, arranged for the domain to be transferred to me, and gave me his blessing. I put the website to order, wrote some press releases, and rolled up my sleeves. In 6 years, I coordinated the rebuilding of the organization, practically from the ground up. The organization helped with many judicial amicus briefs for some very high-profile cases, from DC. The last half decade has been a pleasure and a terror to deal with, exhilarating and maddening in its headlong flight between the Scylla and Charybdis of the election.

Senator Lori Klein points 'cute' loaded pink handgun at reporter Richard Ruelas | Daily Mail Online

The Pulse shooting led directly to the founding of Operation Blazing Sword, out of the massive flood of support offered by the shooting community across the continent and even a bit beyond. Swamped by reporters, I begged for help with those offers, and our own Erin Palette stepped up to the plate and took a swing at it. And so we arrive at the present day. The injury and its consequences that I originally retired to deal with has not gone away. In fact, it has somewhat worsened over the years.

And just as I had to go on disability because I could no longer fulfill my obligations to employers, I am once again faced with the reality that I must direct my energies to my own health.

Why National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Needs to Happen

And, truth be told, the social structure we find ourselves in, 18 years after the founding of the Pink Pistols, is not the same as the one that pertained all those years ago. Back then, the LGBT community was in far more danger, being less accepted than it is now. Some changes are called for. One such change is that I must once again hand over the Pink Pistols to another to administer.

It is my heartfelt belief that I have found this person. I also started the process of re-converging the two organizations into a single entity. Over the next few months, I will be handing over my role to Erin Palette. This will not be a sudden thing, as was my medical retirement in I will be there for Erin to consult with, and I hope I will remain of help when she needs it. If they will have me, I intend to stay on the Board so they will have access to my 17 years of knowledge regarding the operation and management of the organization.

But make no mistake, this is a retirement.

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  • To be honest, I need it. To be equally honest, the Pink Pistols needs someone younger, with different viewpoints, with different strengths, and fewer impediments. There will be changes in the structure of the Pistols, but great effort will be taken to prevent the loss of what makes it so special. It has been my honor and my pride to do what I could do for the Pink Pistols over nearly two decades.

    I hope to give what advice and support I can in the future. But the best thing I can do is to hand it over to those I feel will serve you at least as well as I, and hopefully better. I have been dedicated to each and every one of you being as strong as you can be, as well defended as can be achieved, and as supported by our nation as can be arranged. She may choose to carry on as the First Speaker, or she may choose a title more commensurate with the eventual structure the unified organization will suggest.

    Please give her the support she is due. A storm of bullets rained down upon the Las Vegas Strip, upon people attending the Route 91 Harvest country music festival below. People reported that the gunfire kept up for a very long time, after which current tally is at 50 people dead, and taken to nearby hospitals. The family of Paddock have no idea why he committed the act.

    Reports are that he would go to Las Vegas to gamble, and sometimes went to shows. Paddock had. No matter how many he had.

    Hello Kitty and pretty, pink 'purse pistols'

    No matter the sizes of the magazines, the caliber of the bullets, the color of the guns, or the style or design, the guns had no choice, for guns are not living creatures. A gun cannot choose to refuse to fire if the action is illegal. I hate having to defend inanimate objects yet again, but I know that once again they will be low-hanging fruit for those who project their anger and fear onto them. He had a number of weapons, so clearly this was not a spur-of-the-moment situation. He chose this action. He chose the time. We never see any sensitive payment information, as that is all handled by Shopify.

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    And besides, if it gets you talking about eggs, its work is done. Finally, we need a name.

    Walcom's Pretty Pink Pistol -- FUZZY WALRUS WAR ROOM - Walcom S7

    Informally, weve been calling this the Hot Pink Handgun, which seems to capture its meeting-of-the-sexes nature. But should you find that unromantic -- Lord knows why -- you can call it the Sourise. Thats French for smile, and smile is old-school American for drink. Good enough. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Jimmy Carter Is a Baller. In Defense of the Divey Pickleback Shot. The Wondrich Take: Romance is -- well, heres the thing.

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