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Peter Middleton later served as an RAF fighter pilot who used the wing tips of his Mosquito warplane to divert deadly German 'doodlebug' flying bombs away from London. Kate was close to her grandfather and after his death at the age of 90 last winter, she delayed the announcement of her engagement to Prince William by several days. Now, as part of a nine-day official visit to Canada with William next month, Kate -- who has never before visited the country -- will trace her grandfather's roots. Flying Officer Middleton was posted to the No 37 Service Flying School in Calgary in , when he was a volunteer reservist aged just He spent two-and-a-half years as an instructor, training Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster pilots.

He was said to have excellent flying and communication skills, so it was no surprise that he later became an unsung hero in the air war against Hitler's Luftwaffe. After joining the reservist Squadron at Manston, near Ramsgate, Kent, in August , Middleton embarked on numerous dangerous missions.

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Showing incredible courage, he was deployed in a de Havilland Mosquito fighter bomber to nudge the wings of unmanned German V1 flying missiles to divert them from London. The deadly 'doodlebugs', launched from France, could each destroy at least three houses.

About 8, were launched at Britain and more than 2, hit London, killing thousands. Middleton was among a group of elite RAF 'top guns' used to push the V1s off-course. Despite risking his life on an almost nightly basis, it is not thought that he received an honour for his bravery.

William and Kate are to make a poignant visit to the Canadian airfield where her grandfather Peter trained scores of British pilots to fly frontline aircraft against the Luftwaffe in the Second World War. An exhaustive study of records from the period did not show evidence of any medal. An aerospace museum is housed in a hangar that was part of the flying school. It is there that Kate is expected to be told how her grandfather lived in sparse military barracks and flew UK-built Airspeed AS.

The open spaces of Canada were considered ideal by officials of the Commonwealth Air Training Plan, to which Middleton belonged. The plan trained more than , British aircrew at flying schools across Canada, and Winston Churchill called it 'one of the major factors, and possibly the decisive factor' of the war. Experts say Kate's grandfather would have known, by heart, the contents of 'How's Your Voice?

The year-old hotel, dubbed the 'Pink Palace', has long been a playground for A-listers such as Tom Cruise, Elton John and Michael Douglas, while Marilyn Monroe lived for six months in one of the other bungalows. The Royal couple will have their own butler and private chef to prepare meals and be able to relax in front of a 65in TV.

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A hotel source said: 'Everyone has been sworn to secrecy but we are all thrilled that the Royal couple have chosen to stay with us. We want everything to be perfect. Middleton, who flew almost daily, shared a poorly heated barracks block, toilets and washrooms with his classes of 40 trainees, often in freezing winter conditions of C F and several feet of snow.

But there were perks. Rodney Lowe, a volunteer at the aerospace museum, said: 'Food wasn't rationed in Canada, so the British trainees thought they had gone to Heaven. Most of the flying school was bulldozed after the war, but Brenda Blair, co-ordinator at the museum on its site, said: 'We would very much welcome Kate and William. But we understand Kate was very close to her grandfather, and we would be delighted to help her connect with her loved one.

And in , he made the Middleton family's first direct Royal connection when he acted as First Officer to the Duke of Edinburgh on a two-month flying tour of South America. Prince Philip piloted 49 of the tour's 62 flights, often with Middleton -- who had been specially chosen for the tour by BEA -- by his side. Middleton was later sent a letter of thanks and a pair of gold cufflinks from Buckingham Palace. The Leeds mill-owner's son, who studied English at Oxford, and his wife Valerie, a bank manager's daughter, had four sons, including Michael, Kate's father.

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On his death, he was succeeded by his daughter, Elizabeth II. His birthday, 14 December , was the 34th anniversary of the death of his great-grandfather, Albert, Prince Consort. Two days later, he wrote again: "I really think it would gratify her if you yourself proposed the name Albert to her".


He often suffered from ill health and was described as "easily frightened and somewhat prone to tears". He had a stammer that lasted for many years. Although naturally left-handed , he was forced to write with his right hand, as was common practice at the time. Prince Albert moved up to third in line to the throne, after his father and elder brother. In he came bottom of the class in the final examination, but despite this he progressed to the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

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Edward became Prince of Wales, with Albert second in line to the throne. He did not see further combat, largely because of ill health caused by a duodenal ulcer , for which he had an operation in November He completed a fortnight's training and took command of a squadron on the Cadet Wing. Albert wanted to serve on the Continent while the war was still in progress and welcomed a posting to General Trenchard's staff in France.

On 23 October, he flew across the Channel to Autigny. Prince Albert qualified as an RAF pilot on 31 July and was promoted to squadron leader the following day. In October , Albert went up to Trinity College, Cambridge , where he studied history, economics and civics for a year, [26] with the historian R.

Laurence as his "official mentor". He represented his father, and toured coal mines, factories, and railyards. Through such visits he acquired the nickname of the "Industrial Prince". However, he was physically active and enjoyed playing tennis. His series of annual summer camps for boys between and brought together boys from different social backgrounds. In a time when royalty were expected to marry fellow royalty, it was unusual that Albert had a great deal of freedom in choosing a prospective wife.

An infatuation with the already-married Australian socialite Sheila, Lady Loughborough , came to an end in April when the King, with the promise of the dukedom of York, persuaded Albert to stop seeing her. He became determined to marry her.